London-based artist Margaret Moore is interested in social history and the natural world. She is especially inspired by the tension between the power and fragility of memory. She works in a range of media.

Exploring oral history is an important part of her working process. Margaret grew up in Glasgow, and her Scottish roots are a powerful influence. This led to the development of her Still Sounds project which began in 2011 looking into her family history.

Margaret extended this into Still Sounds Scotland Street which examines the history of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Scotland Street School in Glasgow through the recollections of former pupils from the 1920s until the School's closure in 1979.

Still Sounds

2020 brought about a change of focus in Margaret’s practice and she returned to her passion for nature through painting on silk. The fluidity and freedom of this medium is a major attraction for Margaret.

Hand-painted Silks