Still Sounds: Stairwell Installation

An echo of Still Sounds Scotland Street 2013

The stairwell audio installation is part of a larger work, Still Sounds Scotland Street 2013, which was exhibited by Margaret Moore at Scotland Street School Museum between June 1 and August 11, 2013. It was created by the artist specifically for the museum. The work is developed from Margaret's ongoing investigations over the last six years. It considers the broader issues of identity and community through an exploration of the interweaving threads of local history, with Scotland Street School at the heart of that community.

The Still Sounds Stairwell Installation continues to play at the museum. It examines school experience through recordings of conversations with former pupils of Scotland Street School alongside the sounds of schoolchildren today. It reflects the combined voices and footsteps of visitors to the museum as well as echoing the memories of former pupils.

Climbing the stairwell, the visitor is immersed in fragments of spoken recollections. These personal narratives are layered with song evoking memory and redefining our sense of time and place.

Still Sounds Scotland Street 2013 was featured on BBC Radio Scotland's Culture Studio on 3 July 2103.

Special thanks to former pupils of Scotland Street School for their time and memories; to the staff of Scotland Street School Museum for their assistance; to staff, pupils and junior choir of Craigholme School for their enthusiastic participation in the recordings and to Great Big Resources Ltd. for installing the audio equipment.